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Has Mike Tyson recovered from back pain?

Mike Tyson, the former heavyweight champion is aging.

his body was showing signs of wear and tear with age since he began training for a fight with Jones

he was facing problems with his legs while walking.

Now, his body is undergoing several changes. Though he shares videos of his training session, which show that the legend is still in great shape, his muscles, and bones inside the body are not reacting in the way as used to as he is speeding fast to his 60s.

In a recent interview with New York Times following a severe back injury, Tyson detailed a harrowing health ordeal.

Tyson said“Listen I have pain problems I never knew I had, so I said I’m going box again with the Roy Jones situation. And I found out why I’m actually trying every time I moved something was hurting, you know.

Tyson’s health became a subject of concern a few weeks back when he was captured at the International Miami airport in a wheelchair with a stick

Reports claimed that he was dealing with ‘Sciatica flare-up’. This causes pain in the entire back along with the legs


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