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Vikings QB Kirk Cousins throws three interceptions in loss, drops to 2-10 on Monday night

On the heels of an impressive season-opening showing, Cousins’ longstanding shortcoming came to fruition once more in Week 2.

The Minnesota Vikings quarterback threw three interceptions during a dismal 24-7 loss to the host Philadelphia Eagles on Monday Night Football. With the defeat, Cousins fell to 2-10 in his career on Monday night — the worst record in league history according to NFL Research.

Cousins’ final stat line saw him finish 27 of 46 for 221 yards, a 2-yard second-quarter touchdown to Irv Smith, the aforementioned three picks and a 51.1 QB rating. Despite the trials and turnovers of Cousins, Vikings rookie head coach Kevin O’Connell shouldered the blame, citing Minnesota’s lack of offensive balance as it attempted in vain to dig out of a 17-point halftime hole.

I thought Kirk battled tonight,” O’Connell said. “Put him in some tough spots, and I think our overall offensive philosophy, when we do not succeed in activating those things, it puts a lot of pressure on the quarterback, and that’s where I once again put this one 100 percent on me.”

Eagles counterpart Jalen Hurts was shining as Cousins and the Vikings were stumbling in the second half, scoring three total TDs as Philadelphia built its 24-7 lead. It led to just five Minnesota rushing plays in the second half.

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Vikings QB Kirk Cousins tosses three block attempts in misfortune, drops to 2-10 on Monday night
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Huge Play Kill: Darius grabs second INT of night on ineffectively underthrown Kirk Cousins pass
Kirk Cousins is as yet not good to go.

Yet again behind a great season-opening appearance, Cousins’ longstanding weakness happened as expected in Week 2.

The Minnesota Vikings quarterback tossed three captures during a bleak day in and day out misfortune to the host Philadelphia Hawks on Monday Night Football. With the loss, Cousins tumbled to 2-10 in his vocation on Monday night – – the most terrible record in association history as per NFL Exploration.

Cousins’ last detail line saw him finish 27 of 46 for 221 yards, a 2-yard second-quarter score to Irv Smith, the previously mentioned three picks and a 51.1 QB rating. Notwithstanding the preliminaries and turnovers of Cousins, Vikings youngster lead trainer Kevin O’Connell bore the responsibility, refering to Minnesota’s absence of hostile equilibrium as it endeavored to no end to get out from underneath a 17-point halftime opening.

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“I thought Kirk fought this evening,” O’Connell said. “Put him in a few difficult situations, and I think our general hostile way of thinking, when we don’t prevail with regards to enacting those things, it comes down on the quarterback, and that is where I by and by put this one 100% on me.”

Kirk Cousin portrays Week 2 misfortune versus Falcons
Falcons partner Jalen Damages was sparkling as Cousins and the Vikings were staggering in the final part, scoring three complete TDs as Philadelphia constructed its day in and day out lead. It prompted only five Minnesota hurrying plays in the final part.

“I feel that getting behind early we presumably needed to toss somewhat more frequently than we would have loved, and didn’t remain as adjusted as we might want to be,” Cousins said, “and it’s most likely more the idea of how the game went, and we unquestionably need to be adjusted decently well.”

Cousins was threatened by Darius Kill in the final part, as the Hawks’ cornerback covered Vikings champion wideout Justin Jefferson and had two picks. Also, however the first-half shortage could well have directed the pass-weighty methodology in the final part, the Cousins-drove offense was close to as sad in the underlying 30 minutes of game time. The Vikings started the game with consecutive three-and-outs and completed the principal half with two more.

“A piece of the test is we didn’t remain on the field, we didn’t run an adequate number of plays, thus those three-and-outs early aren’t the way we need to begin,” Cousins said.

While the Vikings’ offense went from a reasonable methodology that delivered three-and-outs to a passing furor that created interferences, the Hawks safeguard got after Cousins all through the game.

Cousins was constrained on 33.3% of his dropbacks, per Cutting edge Details, and terminated two times. He was 6 of 14 for only 51 yards, a TD and two captures under tension.

“I think their guard merits recognition,” Cousins said, “they worked effectively with rush and with inclusion, and the blend made it extreme for us.”

Cousins’ three block attempts gave him 11 starting around 2015 on Mondays, which is the most in the association, per NFL Exploration.

Whether it was the tension of the brilliant lights or the Hawks protection, Cousins fumbled in comfortable design with all the world watching.


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