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How the Eagles beat the Vikings every minute of every day: Jalen Damages 3 TDs

Jalen Hurts shines in the Eagles dominate 24-7 victory over the Vikings

Jalen Damages had one of the unsurpassed extraordinary exhibitions by an Eagles quarterback and it drove Philadelphia to a day in and day out triumph in the second round of the Week 2 Monday Night Football doubleheader.

Harms turned out to be just the third player in Monday Night Football history to post 300+ passing yards, 50+ hurrying yards, and numerous surging scores, joining Cam Newton and Michael Vick in that gathering (per NFL Exploration).

Hurts was 19 for 20 for 171 yards on short passes (finishing his initial 19 preceding tossing a pick late in the final quarter) and finished 7 of 11 vertical passes for 162 yards and a 53-yard score to Quez Watkins.

The Eagles safeguard wasn’t exactly that predominant, however it constrained three and outs on six of Minnesota’s initial nine drives and piled up capture attempts on two of those belongings. Darius Kill drove the work around here, as he had two capture attempts and five passes defensed.

Those picks prompted Kirk Cousins tossing three capture attempts interestingly since Week 2 of the 2020 season. Philadelphia likewise made a brilliant showing of easing back Justin Jefferson, as he counted just six gets for 48 yards multi week in the wake of driving the association in getting yards.

Minnesota (1-1) has Detroit one week from now in a NFC North fight. Philadelphia (2-0) goes to Washington in a NFC East conflict with the Administrators.

The Minnesota Vikings (and their fans) were feeling pretty darn good about things after their opening week victory over Green Bay. There was pretty much nothing to feel good about in Week 2.


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